Vintage Rikma Towelling Dress by Rozi Ben Josef, Israel

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Vintage 1970s Rikma Israel stripy cotton woven dress. 
Dress is made by Israeli designer Rozi Ben Yosef.
Material: Cotton. 
Size: will fit 8-10Uk. 
Condition: Very Good. 
End of laces infront adorned with hand made glass beads. 

Lenght: 135cm. 
Under Arms Behind: 50cm

This rare caftan dress was made by one of Israel’s most famous designers, Rozi Ben-Yosef. Her father, a tailor named Shlomo Hananel, started a small family textile business in Bulgaria in the 1940s. The name of his business was Rikma and he made fabrics for the Royal Family of Bulgaria. Rozi began working for her father and learned the fabric trade. In 1948, she married Yosef Ben-Josef and moved to Israel where she discovered a marvelous material called “Molidor”, an inexpensive woven cotton fabric that was mostly used for towels. Rozi made this fabric in colorful striped material and in 1962 she created her first fashion collection under the Rikma label using Molidor fabric. Her fashions were inspired by the clothing that was worn by the Nomads of the desert. One of her dresses, a long hooded beach dress named Silema, was chosen to represent Israel in 1972 at a fashion exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. She retired from the fashion world in the 1980s. Rozi Ben-Josef played a major role in the development of the fashion industry in Israel.